Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris. The Binghams love you.

I was so excited to come back to the blog this week.  But before I continue, it just didn't feel right to go forward without saying something.  Given the circumstances in France at this time, I felt something needed to be said.  In the last two years that Nick and I have spent traveling in unknown lands and navigating new cultures, we have been met with nothing but kindness and had the chance to make friends from all over the world.  I am convinced that everywhere a person goes, finding something in common with your fellow man is really just a short conversation away.  We had the opportunity to go to Paris just a month ago.  The city and the people were amazing.   We were horrified to hear of the recent terror attacks.  Paris really is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people and we wish the best for all of our fellow life travellers there.