Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jo Jo Jo Jo! Welcome to Ice Cube's Cheese Dream

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On my commute to Zürich yesterday, I was flipping through the Migros magazine.  You might think that a grocery store magazine sounds pretty lackluster, but they actually have some fairly interesting articles from time to time (and the rare coupon that makes me skip through the streets like Charlie when he found his golden Wonka ticket.) Yesterday's find was a doozy:

Der Naturjodel-Rap

Yodelling isn't just for old dudes from the hills and ladies with bouquets of flowers stuffed in their cleavage.  A younger crew is mixing it up...with hiphop and rap.

While they are not as brimming with street cred as the Notorious B.I.G and they are certainly more family-friendly than your average 2 Live Crew song, I'll give them a hefty heap of credit for branching out and taking on tradition in a very conservative part of Switzerland in their own way.  They might have 99 problems, but cheese ain't one.

Keep it real, Hitziger...