Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Im Viadukt - the clean dirty part of town

Feeling like you inner hipster needs some coddling?  Don't have enough man buns, horn-rimmed glasses, vintage wood panelling or wacky graffiti in your Zurich life.  The Viadukt is there for you.

Settled in the historic industrial quarter (Kreis 5) of Zürich, the Viadukt shops are nestled under one of the main transportation bridges going in and out of the city.  Shops have been established in the hallowed out portions under the bridge since 1894, giving the section of the city a very working-class-meets-bohemia vibe. A nice change from the sterile mood of Bahnhofstrasse.

The Markethalle features several artisan shops with specialties from the region and imports from around the globe.  Not cheap, but hey, it's Züri and one of the only places I've seen them serving up hot, fresh English meat pies.

Near the end of the Viadukt is the famous Freitag company train car tower.  Freitag bags are a very trendy accessory in Switzerland.  Made from recycled materials, each bag has a completely unique design.  They are everywhere and it seems that the more scuffed, abused and shabby one's bag gets, the more one carries it with pride.  The tower is free to climb and gives an interesting view of the coming and goings of the trains.

But the real Moustachioed Mecca of Hipsterdom has to be Frau Gerold's Garten.  Open and hopping when the weather is nice, it is a gigantic biergarten filled with sunburned college students and lined with shops selling unique art, psychedelic bicycles and environmentally-friendly household items.  It reminds me of something between a squeaky clean Woodstock and a Friend's television episode.  Check it out.  Grab your nearest lumbersexual pal, dip into  a cool drink, slap a vintage record on and watch the trains chug by.