Monday, August 11, 2014

Tourists doing stupid things

This kid knows better.
By now you have probably heard about the American exchange student that got stuck inside a giant lady-parts sculpture in Mainz, Germany.  (Did you miss that one on your radar?  I've happily provided it here!)

Europe has tons of larger-than-life sculptures that are tempting to crawl inside of.  Such as this one, Eros Bendato by Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj, that we saw in Lugano, Switzerland.

But I warn you, not only will you probably get caught in an embarrassing situation, but you also certainly not the first person to think of doing this. Unfortunately, predecessors have usually left a nasty, smelly surprise behind.

The drunk fellow below is so lucky he didn't have to spend the night inside this giant, golden goddess.

Happy Birthday, Frat Dude.

Just don't.