Saturday, May 3, 2014

Auf einen Blick: Interesting things you see in Selecta vending machines

I think it is fascinating what you can buy in convenience abroad, and what is more convenient than a vending machine?  Selecta vending machines stand at nearly every train station in Switzerland.  Usually they offer a variety of Rivella (more on this special Swiss soda later), various rolls stuffed with "pizza" flavor or beef bits, and Choice tea (which is made from hemp and has a prominent marijuana leaf on its can).

Sometimes these goodies just don't fit one's on-the-go needs.  For example, in the main train station in Münich, one can purchase t-shirts and underwear. As we were boarding our train in Baden, CH yesterday morning headed towards Dresden, I snapped a quick photo here of a Selecta offering pregnancy tests - for when you just can't wait one more second to know.  I think it would take quite a bit of skill to use one of these in a train toilet while it was rocking and rolling.