Friday, May 30, 2014

A Taste of the Homeland in Ramstein

Excess success!
My sister is visiting from the U.S. this week and we are traveling through Deutschland!  First stop is Kaiserslautern to meet up with some friends from back home.  And what I mean by home is actually my first HOME - good old Grand Junction, Colorado.  To round out the nostalgia tour, I got to go to an amazing place: the Commissary on the Ramstein Air Force Base.

Going to an American military base after being submerged in a completely different culture for the past seven months is a surreal experience.  It looks like America, sounds and smells like America, it is full of Americans...because it is America!  It was shocking.  So what did this American girl do?  I glided through the store in a consumerism haze gingerly touching cans of Frank's Pork and Beans and glossy, pillowy packages of Chips Ahoy - delicious American brands!  Was that a pyramid display of Easy Cheese?  Gorgeous!  

Naturally, I bought a ton of peanut butter and hot sauce.  Mmm...delicious Skippy and Louisiana Hot Sauce.  I might eat them together...

Funny thing is that I don't even like Frank's, Chips Ahoy, or whatever the hell Easy Cheese is; I just really missed seeing it.

Thank you Mo for taking me back home for the afternoon!